A boutique consultancy for Brand Development

    and Leadership Capabilities

  • What We Do

    We create and facilitate games, puzzles and storytelling to help you address your business challenges more effectively.

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    These can be applied via team workshops, one-to-one consultancy, surveys and ongoing change-management or communication programmes.


    Our desire is to transform peoples’ thinking and capabilities, by applying our years of branding and leadership experience with some added magic – a bit of fun and games.

  • How it Works

    Games get people "in the flow". This is the mental state in which a person doing something is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity. Named by Mihály Csíkszentmihályi, a leader in the field of positive psychology, he describes flow as “completely focused motivation”.

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    A good game or story encourages:

    • Better engagement with issues.
    • More creative, innovative solutions.
    • Quicker feedback and improved teamwork.
    • A desire to learn more and progress further.


    “The Play ethic can be a possible bridge between results-driven management and meaning-driven employees in the modern enterprise or organisation”

    Pat Kane – The Play Ethic

  • Games we Play

    These are the most popular games that we use to help people be better at what they do.

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    Brand Identity and Purpose

    For sharp and compelling brand positioning

    A game that clarifies brand positioning, using classical principles of personality mapping, archetypes and storytelling. Connect all key elements of a brand (insights, assets, benefits, personality, purpose) to create a comprehensive playbook that enables consistent management of all your brand activities.

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    Marketing Ventures and War Games

    To assess competitive scenarios and decide on strategy

    A turn-based game that illustrates how marketing is like a game of “Risk”. The objective is to gain market share and revenue. You need to pick your battles and allocate resource. The outcome of each campaign will also depend on what your competitor chooses to do!

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    Brand Portfolio Management

    To define brand architecture and maximise portfolio impact

    This game uses the world of fine fragrances (although we can adapt to other categories of your choice) to engage people with different approaches to managing a range of brands, sub-brands & variants.

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    Purpose "REVEL-ations"

    To explore individual purpose and effective teamwork

    This game enlightens people about their dominant values & styles in life & work. It uses the Enneagram model, a structure of nine interconnected personality types, each with distinctive motives, fears & traps. All people have a dominant type, but draw upon the behaviours of others according to their situation.

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    The Play Box

    Bespoke games to fit your specific needs

    • Spark creativity
    • Integrate people into new businesses and teams
    • Improve judgement
    • Coach individuals and teams for high performance 
  • Who We Are


    As a young start-up, we work by a model of association, with project teams constructed according to nature of the work and the required skills. All associates have a minimum of 15 years marketing experience in world-class consumer goods and communication companies. Simon is your first point of contact to define a project's needs and approach.


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    Founding Reveller

    Simon Thong

    With 25 years experience leading multiple brands in Unilever and Nestle, I have been blessed with the opportunity to live in all continents, and lead teams in diverse roles with local, regional and global scope, whilst learning from supremely talented, inspirational people in some of the best marketing and communications companies in the world.


    Playing my own “Purpose Revel-ation Game” has sparked a new adventure - the establishment of Revel, as a means to apply my experience and strengths as a peacemaker-perfectionist, in a mission to help people play at the top of their game. I am a licenced practitioner of NLP, an enthusiast of Lego Serious Play and an experienced business mentor.


  • Contact Us


    The Revelry,
    61 Pelham Road,
    SW19 1NW
    +44 (0)7826 902131